I can still remember the day I saw my first dos based, POS system…  A burnout looking dude who delivered pizzas for my boss knew something about these things called computers and created the system, working from a little house, located within the University of Florida’s, student ghetto.  The system actually had these super hi-tech pens (sarcasm) that you could use to touch the screen to enter an order. The use of this pen interphase meant the phone help could almost put the keyboard aside after manually scrolling through each customer data field.   We used an Okidata, dot matrix printer, the sound of whose impact sung through Friday and Saturday nights.  The printer liked to  jam periodically…. I am sure this combined with the speed of a 386 processor caused the loss of my hair, several years of my life and possibly my soul as I am sure the Lord remembers the profanities I uttered, trying to reload the printers labels and reboot crashed machines.

The pizza business and order taking technology have grown light years from those pioneering days when computers replaced order books, DOOR sheets, and clipboards.  Today even the least computer savvy person, the most “old school” of operators, understands that a solid POS system is an absolute must, for the efficient operation of a restaurant as a business. Managers today rely on live POS data to provide all the key operational and financial figures with the end purpose of running businesses efficiently. Technology has replaced using a ledger to do your accounting and has ousted the time card and manual punch clock from our walls, yet most managers can be seen wielding those clipboards of old each time the act of ordering supplies comes to task.  Why?

CherryPickPrices.com is the software that will finally allow restaurant owners to throw away those clipboards, pencils, and supplier order guides.  Cherry is a system of getting organized and staying that way.  The Cherry process begins prior to your membership enrollment with a list of instructions that will assist you in properly setting up online access to your supplier accounts and your weekly pricing.  Cherry is owned and was developed by restaurant owners, just like you, who understand that every restaurant has its unique pricing.  Cherry uses your businesses personalized price lists from the suppliers you currently purchase from, as its weekly source of pricing data and through our setup process and a lot of programming, tracks each items price change, and does so by the user simply uploading an up to date price list and placing an order.

The Cherry software is truly unique to other platforms trying to establish themselves in our industry.  Our company is not trying to remove sales people from your business process but rather help you keep your suppliers reps honest when the market calls for your commodity based prices to rise and fall.   Food purchasing is about relationships, quality, and price. Cherry makes having a great sales rep more important than ever as Cherry actually allows a diligent sales rep to earn more business from you.  Cherry’s goal is not to tell you from whom to buy and we understand that other factors, other than price, affecting your decisions, however, no business person can argue the value in knowing which suppliers offers you the best price, as a factor to consider, when you decide from whom to buy.  Cherry presents your order to you sorted by price but in a format that you as the owner make buying decisions with all the needed information to do so…

The use of technology to sort through the mess that is restaurant purchasing is here.  The benefits to our businesses will be as great or even greater in magnitude to the benefit of the many choices of POS, inventory, payroll and accounting software programs has had on the bottom line of the restaurant industry.  The concept of saving time and money before you spend it makes sense as does the economic principle that competition is good for business… CherryPickPrices.com is software that has been thought out from the perspective of the owner, the sales rep and the supplier.  The learning curve that this technology exists, that it is reliable and is reasonable, will be short and the way restaurants purchase food is getting ready to move into the current century.