You had this great software idea and talked about it for 5 years, but did nothing. Why??? Because you had no idea where to begin when it came to the genesis, of said “idea”, on theinternet and you were broke.  Then the broke part changed and the decision needed to be made… build the dream or another pizzeria… What to do?

Talking to your mentor, the dude that started you out in business is a good place to start. So I called him up, like I always do prior to making important business choices and the best guy I personally know…  Of course he was there for me, he’s always there and always has been.  My buddy, John Gillespie, of Five Star Pizza, St. Augustine, FL. He said, “You can try and build more pizzerias and take a shot at being to the next Papa John’s, but the odds of that level of success are pretty slim… or… you can take a shot at your dream and develop Cherry…  Use your passion and this great software tool you have developed and go make a name for yourself by helping the industry and people. This is your strength.” I made pizzas for this man for 6 years, managed his pizzeria, delivering over $70K per week worth of pizza and learning to be made of steel, just like John and would try and walk through a brick wall, on fire, just to help him, I feel so strongly about his opinion.

So I took the risk and is the dream and I began developing it last year.  I found a “local” software development firm and started… The initial estimated completion time of 4 months and our initial budget was $19K… Fast forward 13 months and is getting ready for its relaunch.  13 months… What happened to 4?  Relaunch…  Did I ever really get started? The answer to both question is simple… No!  I am an incredible restaurant operator and businessman, but I was a neophyte in the world of software development.  Premature announcements, based upon entrepreneurial excitement and incorrect information provided from initial developers, the learning process of software development and what it entails, foreign verses domestic, and so much more, are lessons that I have learned.  My $19K development budget escalated in time and money, as my first developer taught me what a cow feel’s like, when it is being milked.  But I am an true entrepreneur, a calculated gambler and when it came down to the selling of my home to keep the dream alive.  Some people including my own mother have called me insane and that only a crazy person would risk it all on an idea.  I’ve been called worse than crazy…

The idea is is  coming to fruition and over a years worth of lessons have been learned.  I’ve made some great decisions, coupled with some serious errors.  Some of my greatest errors were based upon trust bestowed before it is earned, especially in the hiring of my initial developer, but learning is part of the dream and the lessons learned from that experience have led to my best business decisions. Lessons are ok, repeating mistakes is the fastest way for the dream to die.

A true entrepreneur knows a great idea and makes it happen.  They watch and learn the processes that are new and educate themselves by being involved, asking questions, observing and personally trying to break whatever the process or product is that you are creating for people use. I have taken over the production and direction of my software development and learned the processes involved with the digital creation of an idea.  No one could possibly know what my idea is better than I know the idea myself and teaching a middleman your idea so that they can serve the purpose of conveying the idea to the person creating your code is the equivalent in difficulty to world peace.

Lesson 1… many website and software developers pose as locally owned and operated brick and mortar companies that employ extensive development teams. However, many of these so called companies, are in fact, middlemen that farm out the software coding work, to freelance developers oversees, for about $10 per hour.  The typical up charge for this middleman is about 400 to 800%.  Language is typically, your only barrier in being your own project manager and development coordinator.  It also pays to research the culture of and seek out work habit compatibility, with the code scriptors and digital artists that you plan to invest your savings in and trust the building of your dream to.

So the dreams foundation is in place and we are getting ready to get back out there with  We will go slow initially although the demand, interest and attention have been high… Why go slow Dave? Because if you knew me, you would realize that my desire to make this software perfect and not let down clients is paramount.  I am asking you to trust your life, in the form of your business, to me and my software.  To take a chance on a new way of doing things and make an investment in time to improve the way you buy your inventory.

Your risk, for all intensive purposes, is your time only, as my 100% guarantee is the same for, as the one, that I offer my customers daily, in my own restaurant,  The Jammin Pie.  There are no fees to start your set up or membership and if, by chance, you don’t feel the meager $79 per month is worth it’s price, then I will give you your money back upon your cancellation… Not part of it, all of it… I am so confident, in the value and worth of my software, to your business and am so sure that you will never want to cancel your future membership, that I give you a month for free, no credit card required.  Still not sure and need a second month FREE, that’s cool too.  Just ask…  Honesty is the way I live my life and run my businesses and I honestly know that if you give both myself and my software a try, you will be happy because your business will be better and more profitable.  I am actually betting that you may consider as providing your greatest ROI for your business.


-CEO & Founder