The battleground for wholesale sales to restaurants has some of the most fierce competition of any industry. Many software companies have started to sprout with promises of finding you the lowest price from any supplier. However, non compare to, when it comes to ease of use, common sense ideas, collaboration between sales rep and business management, price of membership, and money back guarantee. If you can download a file and upload a file, then you have the computer savvy to become a completely informed, intelligent, super fast buyer for your business.

So your business happens to be a smoke shop. You have lots of stuff to keep track of and many different people trying to offer you prices to purchase from their wholesale facility. Vape pens, oils, water pipes, glassware, bowls, screens, cleaning agents, lighters, toys (we can even price toys by the inch per dollar, if you like)… The list goes on and on… How are you comparison shopping? Are you tracking all the products that you sell from an inventory standpoint?, offers a very cool, easy to use shelf to screen, mobile app, so you can quickly count your stock. The counts then transfer to our easy to use, but powerful, online Cherry software, where you can analyze data, or simply let Cherry compare all your suppliers prices and send your order to your sales rep for you… It’s truly cool to watch and use.

Would you like to become part of our Beta test team? We are currently setting our software up separately from our food industry product and are looking for Smoke shops that want to bring real competition to the suppliers trying to sell to their businesses. We are offering our software to all Beta clients for our food version pricing of $99 per month. You will continue to receive this price on your membership, even after we, launch the site for your industry… After launch, our software will cost $199 per month for non cannabis outlets and $499 per month for outlets wanting to compare the prices of items like flower, herb, edibles, etc. We are also developing a cash payment system for those businesses that would benefit from this option.

Look for us soon at