concept of Restaurant Management Software by CherryPickPrices.comRestaurants operators invest tens of thousands of dollars in Point of Sales technology and so many of these people ignore the features within these robust, business management systems, that are designed to facilitate cost savings.  The majority of POS users take advantage of the labor management features and then ignore the food cost control and inventory aspects of their POS systems, offering reasons that vary from the software is difficult to set up to inventory as a process is too time consuming to accomplish efficiently and accurately.  Yet these same hard working people will spend hours using the scheduling and labor control functions and reporting of the POS system and the time involved doesn’t seem to bother them?

There are only two places an operator can significantly affect business costs.  One is labor and the other is cost of goods sold, both being variable costs, that will typically combine to make up 50 to 60 percent of the total expenditures of a food operation.  So why would a smart business person concentrate on cost of labor and ignore cost of goods?  The answer is there is no work involved on the operators part as most POS companies include the set up and training of POS labor features as part of the system install, as employee set up, is a must, to operate the POS.  Cost of goods features and reporting are typically not required to make the POS function and thus left to the client to learn, set up and use. functions independently of or in conjunction with POS systems cost of goods systems.

When asked, most operators said they would like to know their cost of goods sold. combines the inventory process with something food service operators do every week, order supplies.  Cherry goes further however, as the software compares the price of your suppliers goods, ensuring informed buying decisions are easy, fast and efficient to make as you place your orders.  Cherry integrates quickly with any POS systems existing inventory management, if you like what you currently use, and simply would like Cherry’s help comparing your suppliers prices.  The best part is, you sign up answer some questions and your account is set up for you.  Training and support is included in the low monthly subscription fee and set up fees are charged upon completion of set up and complete client satisfaction.

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