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All Cherry Packages are Zero Risk & come with a 30 Day FREE TRIAL, No Credit Card needed!

Cherry Price Checker starts at $6.99 per month

Cherry’s All Inclusive Software Package

Cherry’s Month to Month Plan… $199.99 billed montly

Additional locations are only $99.99 each and are only available by monthly plan.

Setup Fee $299.99**

Cherry’s Features List

  • Secure private master account keeps your pricing private.  Your account is locked up so tight, even Cherry’s CEO and Developers can’t see your stuff.

  • Efficient Shelf to Screen Master Inventory List puts your supplies into the order of your shelves. Counting & Ordering is crazy, stupid fast in Cherry’s mobile app when you get your stuff organized properly.

  • Cherry’s protects against discontinued and substituted items from going unnoticed, overcharged for and prevents reorder attempts… How many shops do you have in your system? I bet some of them are victims and don’t even know it.

  • Cherry’s Decision-Making Screen lays your order out based upon which of your Order Guides has the best price.  You can change the decision based upon quality or service or any other buying factor, but you have to agree that it is nice to always know whose price is best.

  • Cherry’s money shot… Every order ends with our How Much You Saved Report and our dashboard shows your lifetime savings.

  • Manufacturer, Supplier & Line Item Rebate Tracking is something no other software does like Cherry.  Cherry knows who you purchase each item from and can consider manufacturer rebates equally for each supplier, while simultaneously factoring supplier and item-based rebates into your purchasing decisions… Bet you can’t do that in your head!

  • Ensures the intricate details of your supplier pricing contracts are being met at every location in your organization. First Cherry looks at your contracts as you get your new weekly prices and secondly, Cherry rechecks that your supplies were delivered to every location in your system according to your contracts.

  • A simple feature like a high use item reminder can save you from forgetting to order cheese in a pizzeria or steak in a chophouse… Shizzle happens, or at least it used to, before Cherry.

  • Cherry alerts you to minimum order shortcomings and helps you decide: 1) if and what items you should move from the haves to the have nots, 2) should you add some product to the deficient supplier or, 3) should you simply remove a supplier from consideration in that particular order.

  • * BRAND NEW FEATURE Cherry’s PRICE CHECKER is a very simple to use feature that allows users to upload their weekly Supplier Order Guides… These are the price lists available to all of you on most suppliers ONLINE order pages. This feature is included as part of your Cherry subscription, but now is also available in an inexpensive, stand alone plan starting at only $6.99 per month.

    Click Here to see Cherry Price Checker work!

  • Cherry’s Invoice Police was created when a major exec from an unnamed supplier threatened, “to give Cherry’s clients one set of prices on their order guides and deliver the supplies at whatever the “F” price we want too… and we are gonna blame your software” … I told him, “Your problem if I point the problem out to the client first…” and I kicked him out of my pizzeria… True Story!

  • Mobile Application that uses Touch, Scan or Voice to enter data… That’s right… Speak and Cherry listens.

  • Capable of pricing up to 20 suppliers and 2500-line items of inventory. (We can expand these capabilities if necessary).

  • Manage multiple locations with consistent pricing from a single dashboard and also manage units that may have different pricing structures from the rest.

  • Cherry can also organize your company’s equipment package for price shopping and unit consistency.

  • Negotiate your restaurant or corporate level supply contracts with a level of informational intelligence that will amaze you.

  • Cherry’s “Good Enough Inventory System” makes counting everything really fast and easy. Cool ideas like team counting and speech entry turn food services, most hated task into something that actually gets done… Reliable food cost percentages based on real time pricing are a must and Cherry has ’em.

  • The Rep Portal… Managing the Supplier Relationship means providing a superior intelligence tool for your Sales Reps to learn and work your account, see items they win & lose from each of your orders and to provide a place for reps to ask questions and offer you items to consider for purchase.

  • Supplier Portal allows sales reps to help you set up your account and provides future sales reps with all the info they need.

  • Custom programming requests are the norm today and we are not afraid to build cool stuff for clients.  Custom programming fees are negotiated on a per job basis.

Cherry is always developing exciting, cutting edge features…

Custom builds don’t scare our development team.  Need something special? Let’s talk.


A combination of 32 years of restaurant operations, an MBA, time on the street as a food sales rep, personal integrity and a true desire to help people have inspired this software. I have developed and battle tested in my own restaurants & within the select operations of dear friends, so please know that I stand behind the products value…If for any reason you are not happy, I will refund all of your unused membership!

– Dave “The Food Cost Dude” DeSantis

*$149.99 per month rate is average monthly cost of the yearly subscription plan. This plan costs $1799.88 and is billed up front and then again, annually, at the beginning of each 12 month membership cycle.  Prorated refunds will be given upon client plan cancellation, by date of request, by email.  Additionally, Refunds to this plan will be based upon membership at our monthly subscription membership rate of $199.99 for the months client subscription was paid, up to the date of the subscriptions cancellation request.

**Setup fee, per location, includes first 3 suppliers & 200 line items of inventory. Additional setup will be charged at $100 per supplier per 200 items.
Additional line item setup charge is $50 per 50 items per supplier.