Our annually paid subscription is only *$99.99 per month!

Cherry’s Month to Month Plan… $149.99 billed montly

Additional locations are only $49.99 each.

Setup Fee $299.99**

Cherry’s Features List

  • Secure private master account keeps your pricing private even from us!
  • Client orders from one master inventory list, Cherry shops the needed items across all supplier prices, prepares the order for your review and gives clients three options for delivering order to supplier reps.
  • Ensures delivered invoice price is equivalent to your weekly price quote.
  • Smart programming alerts client to unusual pricing for review before ordering.
  • Shelf to screen inventory list makes ordering or performing inventory fast and easy.
  • One touch sends orders to your suppliers along with any special instructions.
  • Cherry’s “How much you saved” report gives clients average overall savings by shopping through our software every time you order.

  • Capable of pricing up to 20 suppliers and 2500 line items of inventory. (We can expand these capabilities if necessary).

  • Built-in calculator right in data input fields for when you don’t feel like counting.

  • Handles most rebate scenarios tracks rebate totals due client.

  • Watches your specially contracted item prices, for all locations and alerts client to discrepancies.

  • Alerts client when items fall off price guides and to any order guide changes.

  • Cherry double checks your assigned high use items if left off your order.

  • Special or advance order items are assignable by supplier.

  • Cherry’s advanced minimum order threshold features not only warn and insure against placing deficient orders, but our advanced algorithm tells clients which products to move from the other suppliers current order to the deficient supplier based upon margin of savings on every product being ordered. This truly enviable intelligence will leave the other software developers scratching their heads!

  • Easily adapts for use with any supplier.

  • Cherry’s Android mobile application offers, touch, spoken & built in bar code reader as a means of powering through inventory and our seamless integration instantly moves your counts to our powerful software for price comparison and ordering

  • Manage all locations pricing from one account or independently of one another.

  • Compares prices for equipment and small wares suppliers as easily as food purveyors.

  • Stores franchise or company food contract negotiations information.

  • Cherry’s included but optional use inventory feature will produce your food order from your physical inventory.

  • Food cost report provides overall cost of goods as well as line item costs by dollar and percentage.

  • Supplier Rep Portal provides current sales reps with valuable account information so they can compete for your business.

  • Supplier Portal allows sales reps to help you set up your account and provides future sales reps with all the info they need.

  • Client Review status allows reps to offer new items for your consideration.

  • Reps can ask you questions regarding items via the portal, without having to bother you via phone or in person.

  • There is no software on the market price similarly that can do all the things Cherry can do for you.

  • Our developers can customize Cherry to provide one touch scripted access to YOUR organizations current online resource for ordering, invoice check and price acquisition. Custom programming fees will apply.

Cherry is always developing exciting cutting edge features…

Custom builds don’t scare our development team.  Need something special? Let’s talk.


A combination of 32 years of restaurant operations, an MBA, time on the street as a food sales rep, personal integrity and a true desire to help people have inspired this software. I have developed and battle tested in my own restaurants & within the select operations of dear friends, so please know that I stand behind the products value…If for any reason you are not happy, I will refund all of your unused membership!

– Dave “The Food Cost Dude” DeSantis

*$99.99 per month rate is average monthly cost of the yearly subscription plan. This plan costs $1199.88 and is billed up front and then again, annually, at the beginning of each 12 month membership cycle.  Prorated refunds will be given upon client plan cancellation, by date of request, by email.  Additionally, Refunds to this plan will be based upon membership at our monthly subscription membership rate of $149.99 for the months client subscription was paid, up to the date, of the subscriptions cancellation request.

**Setup fee, per location, includes first 3 suppliers & 200 line items of inventory. Additional setup will be charged at $100 per supplier per 200 items.
Additional line item setup charge is $50 per 50 items per supplier.