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People, Companies & Products we like…

The MailShark Marketing
Best in the Business

New York Brick Oven Co.
I love these ovens!!!

Pizza Cloud Phone System
& Cellular Internet Backup

Bag Solutions
– My Go to Hot Bag!

Edge Ovens – Quality & Service
I bought 10 for my shops…

Superior Cooking & Durability
Hearth Baked Discs in our Edge Ovens
Great Pairing of Products!

Read it, Live it, Love it
Join the online PMQ Think Tank
Essential Pizzeria Resource

Listen to Bruce!
Social Media God & Nice Dude

My shops all use Speedline…
Built for Pizza… POS

Portion Padl & Greg are awesome!

My favorite Kitchen Machine
“F” the Duckbill, Ride a Cheese Hog

CCleaner – General PC Health Tool

I bought this to get Tony’s Autograph
The book ended up being phenomenal
A must read for every Pizza Person

Packaging that has a 13% share
on social media to me is brilliant.
Think Inside the Box!

The Superior Gluten Free Co.

Learn the craft of Pizza
Good people!!!

SuperAntiSpyware – General PC Health Tool