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How do Food & Beverage leaders made numb by over pursuit know when to check out a new opportunity?

Food & Beverage leaders are so inundated with sales pitches, marketing opportunities, charitable requests & savings methods, that most have established layers of insulation from contact just to be able to just get through the work day. POS, Inventory, Consultants,

CherryPickPrices.com CEO Dave DeSantis & Brian Paul, The Inlet Seafood Grill Ft. Pierce, FL.Credit Cards, surveillance systems, payroll… To take every request would be impossible. The problem is when something good comes along and you miss it. This does happen, where occasionally, something revolutionary is presented and because of the noise, a great opportunity is passed over…

How does one know, quickly if something is worth a look in this Food & Beverage sales assault? A certain amount of time should be allocated to simple google searching in the weekly activity of any leader. New ideas are rare, but they do happen and as technology becomes even more focused on the industry, the successful leader will be the one with tech as an ally…

DO NOT ASSUME, during  R & D time, as an open mind yields the best results.   When asked about what is important when he was building Taco Mac, the Atlanta home grown sports bar giant, founder Joe Ardagna said, “I look at 3 things, Do I have to put a credit card down, can I get my money back and can I try it for free…”. Brian Paul, of The Inlet Seafood Grill /Harbor Beach Inn, Ft. Pierce FL, continues, “I don’t care how much money you have, you don’t want to throw it away, if someone is confident enough in what they bring to my table, that they back it up, I am usually curious enough to listen.”

R & D does not have to come from within, as 3rd party applications will save you thousands, if not millions in the creation of technology…  A well built product will not require you to throw away what you have, but, rather will integrate and add value, especially when it comes to your POS or expensive inventory systems.  Capital expense is prohibitive to the successful implementation of any tech, designed to save you money, as the debt service from Capital investment, now must be considered into your profit equation.

Never underestimate the value of time.  Does the tech make simple a formally brutal task? The POS system eliminated so much work from the Food & Beverage industry that most operations are willing to risk complete closure, from a simple internet outage.  This mentality took years to infiltrate the leaders of 30 years ago, as internet was slow and coverage was spotty.  New tech may invoke those feelings of yesterday as new ideas come along, but if someone is willing to stand behind what they do with their time and money, the upside must be pretty good!

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