Food Service Operations Small & Large Use Cherry

Independent Operators

Independent single unit operators are some of the busiest people in the industry. When you wear every hat in your business, getting some time back in your day could be as valuable to you as the cost savings you will enjoy, using Cherry. Cherry compares your suppliers price lists, organizes your order for review and sends the orders to your various sales reps for you in seconds so you can get back to running the shop!

Restaurant management software for single unit operators while saving money

Multi Location Operators

Multi unit operators need consistency and control. Cherry offers Master controls for your entire enterprise and provides you with safeguards created to ensure things like contract prices, rebates and product specs are adhered to. Invoice price checking ensures that the prices that your business is supposed to receive, are in fact being the prices your units are being charged at every location you operate.

Cherry Pick Prices – A multi unit operators management software

Franchisor & Franchisees

Our multi unit operational features will protect your franchisees from being overcharged. Control user access and functionality to keep everyone in your system on the same page. Cherry saves your cost analysis work, when you negotiate your food contracts allowing you to increase the frequency of fielding suppliers bids to stock your products. Cherry also stores your equipment and small wares lists. Decreasing your future franchisees debt service should be a priority for every franchisor concerned about the success of their business disciples.

Get best franchise management software for handling day to day operations easily with Cherry Pick Prices

Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships & Country Clubs

Multi level security limits access to appropriate features. Cherry tracks your supplier rebate scenarios and considers any special deals you have into the price comparison. Cherry can also read the deals from any GPO’s you may be a part of. Cherry ensures that your delivered invoice pricing is a match to your price contracts and tells both you and your sales rep if anything is incorrect. Food service directors can expect to improve the bottom line by as much as 12% in total cost of goods. Hotels can shop supplies as easy as restaurants. Resorts can benefit from managing multiple restaurants, gift shop supplies and the hotel supplies bids, inventory lists and supplier relationships from one dashboard… It’s quite amazing!

Make shop supplies easy for your hotels and restaurants with Cherry Pick Prices