Why would you compare your suppliers pricing every week when one time will do? Common sense is not always something we find as being a plentiful commodity in this world. There are so many technological advances that have tried to invade our beloved pizza industry over my 3 decade long career, in this business… Rarely, have I seen a software products that work, are logical to use by pizza people, and did not eliminate talent from the workforce. CherryPickPrices.com was born in my very own pizzeria and it contains technology designed to help you make great buying decisions in your business and improve communication with your current sales reps.

CherryPickPrices.com gives you, the restaurant owner, a reason to believe again… a reason to rejoice, a reason to, to, to… (sorry I get excited about this stuff).  Let me just tell you straight up… This is some awesome software, with a really cute mascot and a CEO that is in the pizza know! Don’t be fooled by the animated exterior… CherryPickPrices.com is powerful, but also, easy to use, common sense software developed by a really cool, smart, helpful guy, soon to be known as “The Food Cost Dude”. The software may be some of the most important cost analysis software available to  business owners today… at least every business owner that is responsible for purchasing supplies to run their operations.

Have you ever taken the time to do a complete price comparison for every single item you purchase?  Not just the big stuff… everything.  How many suppliers were part of your price analysis?  My personal experience with this task took over 4 hours and included 2 suppliers…  The next week came along… and all my prices changed… just like your prices change, week in and week out.

CherryPickPrices.com is software that can potentially save you more money & time than any software available to you as a business person.   I personally saved over $35,000 using my software to purchase my pizzerias stock over this this past year!  Our client, The Inlet Seafood Grille, saved over $1400 in its first week using the software.  Cherry provides you a simple to use, information table, with your entire food order to analyze, and from which you make your buying decisions. The table is organized according to which supplier offers you the best price on each line item that you are purchasing.  Cherry knows your buying decisions may not be based solely on price, but no one can argue that it is not nice to know which suppliers price is best.

Cherry works for single and multi unit independents, franchise systems and actually will work outside the food industry as well.  Franchisors can compare equipment package price bids, from the ovens to the measuring spoons, across multiple equipment dealers.  Are you the CEO? Do you negotiate yearly food purchasing contracts? Cherry saves the work.  You can take a look at your prices as many times as you like because it only takes a few seconds with Cherry.  Have your suppliers go back and sharpen their pencils time and time again.

Don’t see you supplier listed? Cherry is designed to work with everyone.  Your current supplier may not have ever heard of us and we may not have heard of them? Cherry uses your businesses weekly price list, from your supplier as its price source.  If you have access to an online ordering account, with your price list, then we can help you.  Give us 24 hours and a download of your price list and we will automate your supplier into the Cherry system, whether they want to or not… However, we’ve found most suppliers actually take to Cherry as fast as our customers do. Why? Because it makes their jobs easier too.

Skeptical? Sound to good to be true? This is software made to help you, not hurt you. Many people have tried to sell me products to improve my pizzeria.  My response, as an owner is always the same, “Do you guarantee I will save or make money? Put your money where your mouth is and let me try it for free”.   Cherry is FREE to try, with no credit card needed for sign up… Need more than 30 days of trial time?  It’s cool… Just let me know.  I back my software, just like I do my pizza… 100%.

My goal is not to extract a months membership from you.  I want to improve your business for the long term.  I don’t want your money, if you do not feel Cherry offers value to your business.  BTW… Cherry is very inexpensive… only $79.99/m for unlimited access… additional locations are $39.99/m, each.  Cherry is all inclusive for now and forever.  We have a simple to use inventory system, that works while you place your food orders.

Love your current inventory system? We don’t claim to be as robust as the POS systems most of you already have, but how many of you use them? You’re already ordering food, so would it be cool if this task could also tell you your cost of goods? If you already use your POS inventory to generate a report that tells you your stock levels or even how much to order, Cherry can take your current system to the next logical step, import the report and compare your prices also… You really have to see it to believe it!

Cherry is awesome, but it is not magic… Your participation in the software set up is a must.  Our experience shows that clients typically learn more about their businesses during our set up than they thought they would… Taking a good hard look at what you buy, from whom you buy it and how much you pay for each product is enlightening to say the least… Saving all the work involved in process of taking this good hard look within the Cherry software, allows you to have this same valuable information, every time you purchase supplies, but without having to redo the all the work!  Just makes sense…

Dave “The Food Cost Dude” DeSantis