Sales Rep Portal is Designed to help you work…

The portal is designed to give you the information you need to quickly and easily prepare accurate, complete order guides for your Cherry clients… See what customers ordered from your competition (no prices of course) and easily identify the areas of opportunity… We even tell you which items you have the best price on already, on customer order histories, so that you can concentrate your efforts where you need to!

Manage your clients easily with supplier rep portal software at Cherry Pick Prices

Manage all your Cherry clients from ONE place.

Cherry opens doors and gains you near immediate consideration in our clients buying decisions. No more bids rotting on the managers desks, ignored. Sitting at your laptop is like being inside a Cherry client’s storage rooms, coolers, etc… Quality, complete, information with which, to build and improve price bids. Access to a clients complete Cherry order history, from all Suppliers (minus the prices of course).