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Provides the Info a Great Sales Rep Needs to Service a Client…

Cherry is designed to enhance Old School buying relationships, NOT to replace them…

Cherry is not just for clients… Supplier sales reps have their personal log in portal to manage Cherry client accounts. The portal is communication platform designed to help you produce accurate & complete order guides. Ask questions & receive feedback, offer new products for client to review and Cherry focuses the attention of the client, quickly upon the work you have put into the account… Complete account penetration is your goal and Cherry provides you a level intelligence equivalent to accessing every stock room door, refrigerator & freezer, in a clients operation.

The Supplier Rep Dashboard

Your Cherry dashboard is designed to give you the information you need to quickly and easily prepare accurate, complete order guides for your Cherry clients… See what customers ordered from your competition (no prices of course) and easily identify the areas of opportunity… We even tell you which items you have the best price on already, on customer order histories, so that you can concentrate your efforts where you need to!

Clients Item List

Never wonder why a client isn’t buying something from you again… Complete account penetration is the goal of every Sales Rep. Cherry’s client item page shows you every supply that is required for operation within the operation. Additionally, you can see whether or not each item that you have provided to your client on your company order guide contains an acceptable product for purchase.  Two way communication is available so clients can request samples or an alternative product spec and for you to ask the client to provide you with any additional detail you made need to quote an item.  You will be notified of any NEW ITEMS a client has added to their inventory needs so you can provide quotes and compete for new items…

Clients Order History

The intelligence gained from viewing the purchases your client is making from your competition is invaluable. Cherry provides you with quantities, brands and even highlights items on another suppliers order that you may have had a better price on, but for some reason did not get the sale… Don’t complain… Compete!