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Food Cost Control Has Never Been So Easy

Restaurants operate on narrow margins. Premium rents, government regulations, marketing costs, delivery service fees, maintaining high quality products and more, devour bottom line profits. This competitive landscape requires operators to become better at the business of running their restaurants. Cost of Goods has a wealth of profit opportunity in most establishments. The Cherry system typically lowers food cost as much as 15% to 20%.


Cherry Integrates with all Major, Regional & Most Local Suppliers

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Cherry’s Features

Cost & Current Value of Goods Report

Client Controlled Privacy

Easy Product Management

Discontinued/Dropped Item Alert

Price List Change Report

Simultaneous Inventory & Ordering using Par Levels

Intelligent Minimum Order Threshold

Supplier Price Comparison & Important Item Reminder

Single Touch Order Placement

Savings Reports

Invoice Content and Delivered Price Analysis

Cherry is always developing exciting, cutting edge features…

Custom builds don’t scare our development team.  Need something special? Let’s talk.