We are proud to announce that Cherry is growing and transforming into!

Cherry is a Supplier Product & Price Management System

Restaurants operate on narrow margins. Premium rents, government regulations, marketing costs, delivery service fees, maintaining high quality products and more, devour bottom line profits. This competitive landscape requires operators to become better at the business of running their restaurants. Cost of Goods has a wealth of profit opportunity in most establishments. The Cherry system typically lowers food cost as much as 15% to 20%.


Cherry Integrates with all Major, Regional & Most Local Suppliers

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Cherry’s Features

Cost & Current Value of Goods Report

No one likes doing inventory! The value of a weekly cost of goods reports is very measurable in restaurants that choose to perform the task. Cherry’s philosophy is make it fast and easy. Our mobile app allows team counting, turning hours into minutes. Measure or estimate options allow for common sense supply counting… (no one wants to individually count a case of cutlery). Our report includes total cost of goods, line item cost of goods, current value of each stock item and overall value of your inventory.  The cost of goods report may be separated by category so you can quickly see your food, beverage, paper goods, cleaning supplies broken out from one another.

Client Controlled Privacy

To many operators pricing is very private. You negotiate hard and recipe ingredients are secrets that need keeping.  Your data is safe and private… You can even lock us out of your accounts and allow our support team access when you need our help.

Easy Product Management

Your Cherry master inventory list will have your restaurant organized and ready to do business with your current suppliers and also with any future suppliers you may want to field a bid from. Items may be sorted by location, name, category and drag and dropped for fine tuning to your establishments storage areas. Pictures, descriptions and pack sizes provide sales reps everything they need to bid for products and work your account.

Discontinued/Dropped Item Alert

Cherry identifies any items the you regularly purchase that is missing from your weekly supplier price lists. In most cases we are alerting your sales reps that their company no longer stocks your supply item(s).

Cherry Price Checker

Our Cherry Price Checker (click the link the see video) feature is so easy, powerful & popular that we decided to make it available for use outside of a commitment to the full Cherry software system.  Price change knowledge is powerful and important and Cherry turns hours of analysis into seconds. Simply upload your supplier’s price list and Cherry tells you every item that changed price since the last time you uploaded a price list. Simple, cool & powerful!

Simultaneous Inventory & Ordering using Par Levels

Tell Cherry what you have and she will use your item par levels to assemble your order for price comparison. Not interested in performing inventory… It’s your place and you don’t have to. Just tell Cherry how much stuff to order and the software will compare your supplier prices and prepare your order for submission.

Intelligent Minimum Order Threshold

Minimum orders are a part of the game. Cherry not only tells you if a particular supplier’s order is short, she actually suggests which items you should move to the supplier that is deficient, based upon every items being ordered savings margins. Alternatively, Cherry provide a place for you to manually decide what to do on your own.

Supplier Price Comparison & Important Item Reminder

The feature that gave Cherry her name… The Cherry Picking process identifies which of your suppliers has the most favorable price for each of the items your are ordering. Take advantage of each suppliers best buying practices and avoid the profit murder zone that is created when you fall victim to low balling bid strategies.

Single Touch Order Placement

Have you ever spent 30 minutes keying a suppliers online order or calling an order in?  Cherry consolidates all your suppliers orders onto one page for quick viewing and subsequent order submission.  A few seconds is all it takes and you are back to running the business.

Savings Reports

Cherry’s saving report provides your average savings for every order. Additionally the report tells you what you would have paid each supplier, individually, had each received your entire order. The report provides a savings margin per supplier, which may be interpreted to tell what type of sales strategy your different sales reps are using to profit from your business.

Invoice Content and Delivered Price Analysis

A huge executive from one of the nation’s largest suppliers said to me, “What’s to prevent us from changing the price of items after we receive orders from your software? When a customer complains, we will blame your software”. I looked at him and said, “You unscrupulous bastard… Nothing today, but I will write a program to check your delivered price against your online price list and tell the customer that you changed their price. Then the problem is yours.” I then threw him out of my pizza shop! Here is the feature… (True Story)

Cherry is always developing exciting, cutting edge features…

Custom builds don’t scare our development team.  Need something special? Let’s talk.